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Growing one thought at a time...
United States
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Hey everybody!
If you haven't noticed, I'm finally back on... again!
I finally finished going through 2,873 deviations, and I'm still working my way through the 1,376 messages and 25 notes I have from everyone.
But, good news is, now I'm in college, and apparently that leaves me alot of time! (or I just procrastinate between classes ^^;)
So...! Hi again! It's been close to a year that I've not been on here for a lengthy period of time.
Good news, there are ALOT of projects I have to post.
Bad news, It's going to take me a while to get them up here. I need to PS alot of the pictures together because most of it's ceramics.
Also, more bad news... my sketchbook, I discoved yesterday, is at home. So anything I was working on from before I will not be able to retrieve until I go home for Christmas. My appologies, especially to :iconmichiwrap: and :iconlove-the-fuzzy: for well overdue drawings.  

That's all the official stuffs I have for you. This next half I just what I've been up to since Nov. 2008 in a Reader's Reader's Digest version. I'll even bullet point it because I hate having too much text in one area...

:bulletblue: I did Christmas play and had a supporting role.
:bulletblue: Celebrated the New Year by working, and ending up getting kissed on the cheek by a really, really drunk man while working =_=
:bulletblue: Worked more.
:bulletblue: and more.
:bulletblue: Musical came around and I got a walk on role/featured chorus in Hello Dolly!
:bulletblue: Practiced for that until I could dance/sing it in my sleep.
:bulletblue: Found out my grandma had stage 4 terminal liver cancer.
:bulletblue: Was able to perform Hello Dolly at a major local high school musical awawrd show (think Tony's but for hs kids). Most thrilling thing EVER! Fantastic. Chilling awesomeness. :D
:bulletblue: Picked my college!
:bulletblue: Survived my senior AP Brit Lit project/paper
:bulletblue: Recieved college credits in humanities
:bulletblue: Passed my classes and graduated!! :party:
:bulletblue: Had a friend stay with me for 2 weeks <3
:bulletblue: Had my grad party/ went to dozens of grad parties
:bulletblue: DId a bunch of things with friends randomly throughout the summer
:bulletblue: Spent a bunch of time with my grandma as well
:bulletblue: Worked more
:bulletblue: Got my wisdom teeth out
:bulletblue: Saw, and loved, HP 6! :heart: (day after wisdom teeth were out mind you!)
:bulletblue: Saw Green Day live, in concert, 7 rows in the mosh pit, and I almost touched Billie Joe =D :heart: :rockon:
:bulletblue: Started to prepare for college
:bulletblue: Cleaned my grandma's house with my cousin on a 2 day epic clean out! =) Who knew cleaning was fun??
:bulletblue: Celebrated my 18th birthday!
:bulletblue: Left for college the next day (tues)and moved in, third floor, 100% humidity, and ready to thunderstorm at any second. I was also sick that day.
:bulletblue: Came home that Friday to say final goodbyes to my grandma and stay with the family reminicing.
:bulletblue: I was in my first car accident on Saturday when I went to go pick up stuff for lunch. :( I went home the next day.
:bulletblue: Started my first college classes that Monday.
:bulletblue: Went home the next day, tuesday, because my grandma had finally went to rest.
:bulletblue: That night while showering, I managed to get a chemical burn on my throat from the shampoo going in my ear canal/sinus area, and therefore down my throat. -_-
:bulletblue: Wed-sun. was home with family.
:bulletblue: Started classes again last monday .
:bulletblue: I've now been at school for one whole week, as of today. =) Terribly homesick and missing friends, and working through not only that, but the catching up of school work, and catching up in the social aspect. I've only been here half the time everyone else has because I went home so much. :P
:bulletblue: As of Friday, sick with the flu. Starting to recover. Still waiting to make up band audition and chorus audition that I missed because of the funeral. Not sure if I'll be able to. Also have to learn a different technique and change how I throw on the wheel in ceramics. -_- My life, it doth sucketh.

So, yes, this has been my life. Many highs, many lows....probably my lowest these past couple of weeks. Getting through it one day at a time. Really loving my classes, but tired constantly (my room is next to the bathroom. Yippee.) and hoping to just start getting in the swing of things so I'm not so stressed and I can feel like my head's starting to get above water.
  • Listening to: Green Day- Jesus of Suburbia

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